Group 4Minute sets a new dance trend with their DJ dance.

4Minute said in their interview recently, “Our performance this time, the point is the DJ dance. It is a pose where you are like a DJ and you spin the LP listening to the music.”

The dance step is shown in the girls’ comeback song “Muzik”. It features the girls holding one hand to the ears, and using the other hand to do the action of spinning the LP.

Because the dance step is easy to follow, it has also become a “daebak” (big hit) dance that everyone can perform. And videos of the girls doing the DJ dance have received over tens of thousands of views on Youtube.

Besides this, there is also another dance receiving much interest from music fans. The “hold my hand” dance which shows the girls spreading their arms and signaling the opposite party to hold the hand is another highlight dance to the song together with the DJ dance.

4Minute said, “This is the name we came up as a joke amongst members. Even though the title to the dance is long, there is no one word to explain the dance. It is fun and easy to remember.”

Meanwhile, 4Minute released their 1st mini-album “For Muzik” on 28th August, and the song “Muzik” off the album is going very well up music charts together with other hits like GDragon’s “Heartbreaker” at #1 and #2 positions.

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And the dance choreographer to the song is AJ as seen in MTV 4Minute eps 12.

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