4Minute’s Huh Gayoon has once again admitted that doesn’t like the fact that she has really small feet and ankles during a recent airing of KBS’s “Happy Together Season 3,” featuring Huh Gayoon, Hyuna, Sistar’s Dasoom, Soo Yoo, Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun and Henry.

Huh Gayoon was appearing as a guest in Happy Together’s “What is Your Name?” special featuring slightly lesser known members accompanied by their more familiar group member. During one of the discussions they began to talk about what qualities they possessed that were unique to them. Gayoon’s stand out feature was her self proclaimed “Nano-sized ankles” which Hyuna claims is the same size as most female’s wrists. 

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Gayoon then talks about how her extremely small 210.22mm feet size (Size 35 in the EU and Size 5 in the US) was something that she didn’t like about herself. She then mentions how she has to wear 3~4 socks just so her feet are big enough to fit within the heels she needs to wear during her on stage performances.


This is of course not the first time she has mentioned her small feet. She was previously on “Beetles Code 2” where she actually showed everyone how she was wearing multiple socks while her super small ankles has caught the eyes of fans several times previously. As someone with reasonably sized feet (280mm) i have no relative idea about how small this actually is but i can reasonably assume that it would be quite difficult to find shoes that aren’t designed for primary school kids in mind.

So any readers here with extremely small or large feet? What kind of difficulties do you face? Would be interesting to see if there is someone with even smaller feet that Huh Gayoon.