On October 17, HyunA has released the tracklist for her 2nd mini album “Melting” right before the album drops on October 22.

It’s been revealed that HyunA has been more involved with this album. She took part in the album making as a concept director in charge of album’s concept and visuals. She also participated in composing and lyrical writing for “Very Hot,” one of the tracks included in the album.

The album starts off with “Don’t Be Untidy,” a rap-based song with a powerful sound. HyunA is able to show a new side of teen-pop with “Unripe Apple” featuring Jung Il Hoon of boy group BTOB. The song has a bright melody portraying a girl who wants to be seen as innocent in front of her pure-hearted boyfriend. She had another chance to show off her lyric writing through ballad number “To My Boyfriend.”

Soompiers, it’s great to see HyunA being more involved with her album making process. Which song from the tracklist piques your interest?