HyunA, from girl group 4minute, but who’s more well known for her solo works, has talked about the possibility of debuting in the States.

She has recently met up with a reporter who asked her if she’s thinking about advancing to the American market. She replied, “Just like Psy oppa, I want to receive love from the American fans singing a song with Korean lyrics.”

HyunA currently has one of the biggest chances among Korean artists of making it in America because of her high visibility throughout the world in Psy’s viral hit “Gangnam Style.” She was also featured in the female version “Oppa Is Just My Style,” which currently has over 118 million hits on Psy’s official youtube page.

Meanwhile, HyunA has cemented her promising future as a world-wide star receiving much love and interest through her 2nd solo album’s track “Ice Cream.”

Soompiers, many American artists have topped Korean charts in the past. Do you think the tides will change and we’ll see more Korean songs ranking high on American music charts?