4minute’s HyunA released a photo of herself looking like a “cutie.”

HyunA wrote on her twitter on August 31st, “Hi front hair, I am going to do things on my schedule. The weather is so nice.” In the picture, HyunA is puffing up her cheeks and she has put down her front hair making her look even cuter. Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “You look so cute,” “You are pretty no matter what you do,” “I like your new haircut.”

On August 25 4minute had their first family concert “United Cube in Japan” in Tokyo.

Also in other news, it was revealed that 4minute’s HyunA considered retiring from the entertainment industry after leaving the Wonder Girls in June 2007. On August 23rd, Cube Entertainment’s CEO Hong Seung Sung published an essay book titled “If You Stop Now, the Spotlight’s Gone Forever.” He wrote, “When HyunA withdrew from the Wonder Girls in 2007, she declared that she will no longer work as a singer.”  In the essay, he also revealed the stories behind her declaration and her comeback with 4minute.