4minute’s HyunA revealed a photoshoot where she looked sexy, casual, and sporty all at the same time! She was the cover model for “Sure Fit” which is a style fitness magazine. Through casual sports looks HyunA showed off her fit bodyline. Also, in certain pictures she also showed off a bottomless fashion.

A representative of “Sure Fit” stated “HyunA’s flexible waist and leg lines that have no fat weren’t made in a day. HyunA loved dancing since she was little. Also, when she was little she would go hiking with her father every day at the Inwang Mountain. Her consistent habit of doing exercise is the secret for her maintaining her figure.”

If HyunA ever feels like she is starting to lose energy she will walk. Also, once she is finishes practice around 6am she is known to go workout with other 4minute members at 24-hour gyms.