At the 92nd Academy Awards, Bong Joon Ho‘s Parasite won four history-making titles — putting him on the list as one of the most successful directors around the world. As co-producer Miky Lee mentioned in her Best Picture speech though, Bong Joon Ho comes with a great “sense of humor” which leaves him constantly “making fun of himself” and “never [taking] himself seriously.” And so in the press room, born were these 5 awesome pictures of Bong Joon Ho being weird-but-200%-himself with his brand new, shiny Oscars.

1. Drinking Them

92nd Annual Academy Awards - Press Room

In one of his many speeches throughout the night, Bong Joon Ho said he’ll be celebrating the victory with drinking. Here’s him practicing bottoms-up with his new trophy.

2. Making Them Kiss


Well then, Future Oscar winners, take note of Bong Joon Ho’s most creative pose: When you have two Oscars, you make them kiss. Duh.

3. Flaunting Them

92nd Annual Academy Awards - Press Room

Here is Bong Joon Ho holding his Oscars in an Avengers-type stance. His face says it all though: “I have not one, but two of these.” Or is it, “One for me, one for you”?

4. Using Them As Props

92nd Annual Academy Awards - Press Room

When posing with his producer Kwak Sin Ae, he made sure she was getting all the attention she needed — by making full use of the props in his hands.

5. Admiring Them All


Here is Bong Joon Ho and his golden babies. What a night!