Taiwanese drama “Between” stars Esther Yeh as Su Xiao Qing, who dubs herself as the “sandwich girl” as she struggles to find a balance in her professional and personal life. Working at La’Favz, a fashion retailer, Xiao Qing constantly feels sandwiched between her subordinates and upper management as she tries to find her place as the newly promoted team leader of the marketing department. Xiao Qing’s life becomes more complicated when two new men suddenly enter her life. One is Luo Cheng Kai (Marcus Chang), the new demanding CEO of La’Favz, and the other is Qu Zi Jun (Sam Lin), a quirky professional photographer who is also Xiao Qing’s new landlord. Unsurprisingly, Xiao Qing also becomes sandwiched between the two men, as they bring many unexpected surprises to her life.

“Between” is a really fun and easy summer-time watch, with a great mix of comedy and romance. Marcus Chang, Esther Yeh, and Sam Lin have great chemistry together, and they really sell their eccentric characters, making the drama super enjoyable. There are plenty of hilarious and romantic moments in the drama. To name a few, here’s my list of favorite moments from “Between.”

Superman and Batman vs Dark Angel

Cheng Kai is stuck spending the afternoon babysitting his friend Zhao Xuan’s (Sean Lee‘s) son You You. Cheng Kai is feeling the awkwardness between them and decides to play dress up with him in Superman and Batman costumes. Meanwhile, Xiao Qing is helping Zi Jun by working as a model in a magazine photo shoot, for which she is dressed as a dark angel. After completing the shoot, Xiao Qing receives an phone call from work to bring an urgent document to Cheng Kai for him to sign. When she arrives at his house — in full costume — Cheng Kai and You You are still happily playing as Superman and Batman.

The entire exchange is hilarious, as Cheng Kai is clearly embarrassed when he sees Xiao Qing at his house, but he acts like everything is normal and doesn’t bother to explain to Xiao Qing what they were doing.

Awkward photo shoot

In an absurdly funny and unexpected scene, Xiao Qing’s roommate asks her to give their monthly rent to their landlord Zi Jun after work. While looking for Zi Jun in their apartment, Xiao Qing walks in on a half-naked Zi Jun in an awkward position taking photos of himself on the balcony. They both freak out and start screaming in horror. Zi Jun explains that he was doing “creative work” and Xiao Qing just thinks he’s even weirder than she had already thought.

Unapologetic kiss

Zi Jun is waiting outside their home for Xiao Qing, as he’s heard there’s news of women getting sexually assaulted at the park near their home. Zi Jun sees Xiao Qing walking home from a distance and sees Cheng Kai following her. Zi Jun mistakes Cheng Kai as the sexual assaulter and starts to throw punches at Cheng Kai, leading to a minor scuffle. Xiao Qing clears the misunderstanding by explaining to Zi Jun that Cheng Kai is her boss, who turns out to be returning the phone that she left in Cheng Kai’s car. Even though Zi Jun knows he is wrong, he’s still angry that Cheng Kai kicked him in the shin earlier. So, to apologize, Zi Jun gives Cheng Kai a kiss on the cheek, and with a smug look and a wink, says “sorry” in English.

I don’t know who was more horrified by the kiss, Cheng Kai or Xiao Qing?

The power of a hug

As the CEO of La’Favz, Cheng Kai made the executive decision to close down five of their retail stores due to financial losses. The workers from the store who got laid off start a protest outside La’Favz’s corporate office building and demand to see Cheng Kai. Xiao Qing is concerned and doesn’t want the protesters to mistake Cheng Kai as a bad person, but Cheng Kai says, “It’s okay. As long as you understand me, that’s all that matters,” and pulls Xiao Qing for a hug before heading off to face the protestors.

Double kisses

Xiao Qing helps Cheng Kai clean up after he gets splattered by red paint thrown by the protesters. Xiao Qing feels extremely bad for him, but Cheng Kai says he’s used to this kind of treatment, because as a CEO, he has to make unpopular decisions. Xiao Qing gets upset because Cheng Kai is clearly pretending to be okay when he’s not, and feeling frustrated, she pulls him in for a kiss. Shocked by her own action, she quickly apologizes and tries to leave, but Cheng Kai stops her and pulls her in for another kiss. Swoons.

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