Red Velvet grows more and more in popularity every year, but one member in particular who’s really capturing attention lately is the group’s talented maknae, Yeri. Take a look at five times posts about Yeri made it to the daily trends on popular Korean forum Pann recently.

| @yerimiese/Instagram

1. Her eye makeup

A post about Yeri’s gorgeous eye makeup reached the Pann daily chart top 30 this month with over 200,000 views to date.

| Pann

The original poster couldn’t believe how pretty Yeri’s “fairy-like” eyeshadow looks, and many more netizens chimed into to agree. They described her as a “princess” and a “human peach“, praising her luscious eyelashes.

| Pann

2. Her friendship with Joy

Yeri’s friendship with fellow member Joy has always been a fan favorite, and it seems netizens find their bond just as sweet. With over 80,000 views, a “JoyRi” post on Pann became one of the top daily posts in December.


In the post, a fan shared how Joy dropped into the comments during Yeri’s recent Instagram live broadcast to ask her what she was doing and call her “cute“.

| Pann

Of course, people love the funny side of their relationship just as much as the loving side. The next day, a post about Yeri’s hilarious judging reaction to Joy downing a glass of wine racked up over 15,000 views.

| Pann

3. Her real-life visuals

Yeri looks truly stunning in photoshoots, but believe it or not, she looks even more beautiful in candid, “real-life” snaps. That’s why a post full of fan-taken Yeri photos reached the daily trends on Pann last month.

| Pann

No matter the angle, the lighting, or the camera, Yeri’s true visuals seem to shine through in every picture. Fans can only imagine what it must feel like to see her in real life.

| Pann

4. Her old friendships

Typically, most idols fall out of touch with their fellow trainees after debut. Social butterfly Yeri, however, is the complete opposite. A Pann post about how she keeps in touch with the old SM Rookies members who left the company trended on Pann with over 90,000 views last month.

| Pann

From commenting “I miss you” on their Instagram posts to meeting up with them in Seoul, Yeri captured everyone’s hearts by proving friendships with her are made for life.

| Pann

5. Her debut teasers

Last but not least is the post of Yeri’s debut teasers, which trended at no.11 on Pann’s daily chart in October with over 220,000 views.

| Pann

From the day she joined Red Velvet for their “Ice Cream Cake” comeback, Yeri has been serving stunning visuals. Netizens were shocked by how pretty she looked at just 16 years old, describing her good looks as “legendary“.

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