The upcoming SBS drama “Wok of Love” has been getting drama fans excited ahead of its premiere, as it teased a great romantic comedy set in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant. Written by Seo Sook Hyang, the same writer behind dramas such as “Pasta” and “Jealousy Incarnate,” there has been lots of excitement for this romantic comedy.

Here are five points to keep an eye out for ahead of the drama’s premiere!

1. The chemistry between 2PM’s Junho, Jang Hyuk, and Jung Ryeo Won

The drama first received a lot of attention for its cast, specifically for its three leads. Junho, previously praised for his acting in “Chief Kim” and “Just Between Lovers,” will be transforming into chef Seo Poong. Jang Hyuk, who recently received a lot of love for his appearance in “Money Flower,” will be taking on his first rom-com role in a while as the head of the Chinese restaurant and local loan shark Doo Chil Sung. Jung Ryeo Won, who was praised for her role as the heroine in “Witch’s Court,” will be taking on the role of the daughter of a bankrupt chaebol, Dan Se Woo.

Compared to their previous roles which were more heavy and serious, the three main leads will be acting in a more bright and light-hearted drama with refreshing new characters.

2. A delicious Chinese food-filled drama

Seo Sook Hyang, who began the food drama craze with “Pasta,” will be taking on the genre again, but this time with Chinese food. As captioned on the poster, “Wok of Love” shouldn’t be watched with an empty stomach, as appetizing dishes on-screen will be making your stomach growl. Not only will a variety of Chinese foods be shown, but the drama will also feature the process of how they’re made, creating an experience that will satisfy both the eyes and the ears.

3. Bringing the kitchen alive

The drama cannot be solely categorized as a food drama, as it also shows how difficult the kitchen is as a workplace. “Wok of Love” will accurately show how the kitchen is a war zone, with dishes crashing on the floor and woks and knives flying about. It will also portray the chaotic lives of the people working in the kitchen, as they also fight their own battles with each other.

4. A red-hot love story

The drama also promises to show “a love story that is hotter than the oil sizzling in a wok.” With the main leads all having experienced wounds from love or the bitterness of life, they refuse to deal with fake love and will look for an honest love with no regrets.

5. Never-before-seen, refreshing characters

“Wok of Love” not only includes an outstanding lead cast, but also memorable supporting characters with great chemistry. Lee Mi Sook will take on the dual roles of Jung Ryeo Won’s mother as well as a mysterious woman. Park Ji Young plays the role of a chef with a masculine charm. Jo Jae Yoon will be playing a gangster. Im Won Hee will be playing the main chef of the hotel’s restaurant and Kim Sa Kwon will be playing the president of the hotel.

“Wok of Love” will premiere on May 7 at 10 p.m. KST.

If you haven’t already, watch the trailer below!

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