With KCON LA and so many K-pop concerts right around the corner, the chances of us running into our bias are higher than ever. So what can we do to make a lasting impression on our fave celebs during the precious but short time we have with them during a meet and greet or chance encounter? Well, it all depends on the preparations. Read on to find out five things you should do before you meet your bias so that you can be the one fan they’ll definitely remember!

1: Learn some essential K-phrases to impress your bias with your smooth language skills.

To establish a true connection with your bias, you need to communicate with them, so learn a few quick, short phrases that will definitely make them acknowledge and remember you. Don’t know where to learn these phrases? We’ve got you covered! Check out our resident Korean language expert Margarita and her video on things to say during a hi-touch with your favorite celeb: 

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2: Practice aegyo to charm your way to your bias’ heart.

If there’s anything your bias can’t resist, it will be aegyo! Many stars have admitted that their weak point is seeing someone do aegyo, so make sure you do your research on some cute expressions and perfect them before meeting your bias. Not sure where to start looking for some inspiration? This video of Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun practicing aegyo for their drama “Suspicious Partner” would be a good place to start!

3: Pick up a few makeup tips from popular K-beauty gurus.

As they say, dress to impress! Or, in this case, make up to impress. Of course, looks aren’t everything, but it doesn’t hurt to pull out all those foundations, eye palettes, and lipsticks to look your best in front of your bias! Maybe you could even try a beauty look inspired by your bias and show them just how big of a fan you are. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! The look we’d like to try? A BLACKPINK Jennie-inspired makeup look from the gorgeous Heizle:

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4: Binge watch everything and anything on your bias.

True fans know by heart every single thing their favorite celebrity has ever said or done, so either catch up on or review all the shows, movies, videos, and interviews your bias has ever been in so that you can prove to them through your vast knowledge that you are indeed their number one fan. Also, what better way to build up the hype of meeting your bias than watching everything and anything on them? We’ve definitely been prepping ourselves for the day we meet our fave K-pop boy group UP10TION by binge-watching their new original series with Soompi, “UP10TION, Please!” You can start watching it below:

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5: Eat something beforehand so you have energy to actually meet your bias.

The last thing you’d want is passing out in front of your bias from all the energy it took to make all these preparations. So make sure you grab a bite to eat before you actually meet them! Or better yet, learn how to make and eat your own delicious Korean food, such as Sinjeon cheese kimbap. Check out the recipe for this delicious Western twist on a popular Korean food below, courtesy of the amazing Angela Minji Kim! Maybe you can also make an extra roll and give it to your bias as a small gift! You can start learning how below:

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So there you have it: our five pro-tips for making sure your meeting with your bias is a success! Let us know in the comments below if you have any helpful tips of your own!

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