BTS‘s Suga may look intimidating from first glance, but the reality is far from it. Upon further inspection, he’s just like a cat. So much so that ARMY nicknamed him “lil meow meow.” Below is proof of his adorable cat-like habits that earned him the cute nickname.

| Cindy Ord/WireImage

1. Being mischievous

Cats can be mischievous creatures, and Suga shows his sneaky side by getting in on the fun— while also cleverly making sure he won’t become the next target.

| Funny Idol/YouTube

2. Disliking physical contact, but eventually accepting it

Suga, like cats, isn’t one to welcome physical contact with open arms. But he always eventually gives in and accepts the love. If he’s in the mood.

| BTS stan/YouTube 

3. Tired. All the time.

Suga is always tired, and can be caught taking a nap multiple times. He would much rather stay in bed, thank you very much.

| BTS stan/YouTube 

4. Getting random spurts of energy

While Suga is typically quiet and sleepy, every so often he gets a random burst of energy and has to dance or run it out.

| Bangtastic/YouTube

5. Quick mood changes

From being unbothered, to going with the flow, to being annoyed, Suga’s tolerance level fluctuates just like a cat. Sometimes they want to cuddle, sometimes they want space.

| BTS stan/YouTube

Bonus +1

You know when you see a cute cat and have this overwhelming urge to coo and squeeze it? Suga exudes the same energy that just makes you want to aggressively show your affection.