On March 31, Park Yoo Chun held a fan meeting to meet his fans and promote his current drama, “Rooftop Prince.” This fan meeting was held in Korea, but was open exclusively to Park Yoo Chun’s Japanese fans. Through this event, 500 lucky Japanese fans had a chance to participate in a fan meeting and check out “Rooftop Prince”s filming set. The tickets sold out almost immediate after the pool was open, proving Park Yoo Chun’s popularity in Japan.

Excited Japanese fans prepared placards not only for Park Yoo Chun and his previous dramas, but also for “Rooftop Prince,” which has not yet aired officially in Japan. A Japanese fan commented, “Many K-drama and Park Yoo Chun fans are very excited for ‘Rooftop Prince.’ We watch it almost in real-time via internet.” 

An official from this event commented, “Both of Park Yoo Chun’s previous dramas, ‘Sund Gyun Kwan Scandal‘ and ‘Miss Ripley‘ are widely popular in Japan. As a result, he has become one of the leading Hallyu actors. Many online fan communities were formed in Japan instantly after Park Yoochun’s casting news was released.” 

During two hours of fan meeting, Park Yoochun updated his fans about “Rooftop Prince” and his recent activities. He also participated in many mini-games and made Onigiri (also known as Triagular Kimbab in Korea) with the fans. He thanked his fans for visiting, “Although ‘Rooftop Prince’ only recently started airing, I’ve gotten so much love and support already. Thank you all for your support and visiting me. Please keep cheering for ‘Rooftop Prince.’”