YouTuber and Instagram influencer Lee Soo Jin has been blocked on her social media by her own daughter!

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Lee Soo Jin, who is a dentist by trade gained a massive following after opening a YouTube channel and an Instagram page. She easily attracted followers on her social media accounts thanks to her incredibly youthful looks. Lee Soo Jin may be 52 years old but doesn’t look a day over 30, which continues to shock her followers time and time again. The dentist not only boasts youthful visuals, but a fit physique as well and let’s just say, she is not camera shy.

lee soo jin
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Lee Soo Jin’s daughter Jena, makes frequent appearances in her videos and they recently sat down to film a Q&A together. It was during their Q&A session that Jena hilariously revealed the reason why she blocked her own mother on Instagram.

lee soo jin jena
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They first responded to a comment directed at the dentist, “Lee Soo Jin you look so pretty these days” and her response proves that everything you see on social media isn’t always what it may seem.

Oh really? Thank you. Honestly, I’ve gained a bit of weight recently. I have to film a look book tomorrow and I’m getting a little worried.

— Lee Soo Jin

The mother daughter duo cracked up the viewers when a viewer exposed Lee Soo Jin by asking, “Jena did you see when your mom used your Diptyque lipbalm behind your back?” When Jena asks her mom if it was true, this is how Lee Soo Jin responded.

No I didn’t. Did you use it on accident? No I didn’t.

— Lee Soo Jin and Jena

When asked if she had any celebrities she’d like to meet, the dentist had a hilarious response.

Celebrities want to meet me.

— Lee Soo Jin

A viewer then asked Jena something that we’re sure everyone wondered at some point during their journey as a fan. They asked, “how do you feel about your mom wearing provocative outfits?” To this question, Jena had the most savage yet honest answer.

I almost fainted after I saw the photo on her Instagram. My mom was wearing just lingerie and posing in a weird pose. She also put some type of sticker on it. She put a picture of her in lingerie on her page. Honestly, there’s not much I can say. I just blocked her on Instagram.

— Jena

Piggybacking off of the previous question, one particular viewer made a comment that many viewers agreed with. They commented, “it’s funny to hear Lee Soo Jin tell Jena that her outfits are too scandalous.” Naturally, Jena agreed and responded in this way.

Right? Isn’t it so contradictory? So I decided I’m going to dress even more scandalously.  I’m going to do the same thing to my mom so she knows what it’s like. I’m going to wear that lingerie and upload a photo on my Instagram with stickers to cover me.

— Jena

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We love the savage, but loving relationship that this mother daughter duo has! If you want to check out their entire Q&A video, you can watch it down below.