After a few months of promoting in Japan 5tion released their new music video for “All 4 U” through Loen Entertainment’s YouTube channel. The song is a slow ballad about yearning for lost love, and their soft vocals make it a very easy listen. The music video is easy on the eyes too, with the handsome members walking around in a beautiful setting. Scenes of the members playfully goofing around and enjoying dessert are especially memorable.

The name 5tion might not be too familiar to a lot of people but this group has been around since 2001. Part of the first wave of pretty boy groups, 5ion debuted with the song “More Than Words.” With their pretty boy looks and their soft vocals, the song became a hit.

Like with a lot of groups 5tion disappeared off the radar. Two members dropped out and then in 2012 they reformed with new members and came back with dance number “Papillion.” After promoting in Japan, the group is back to the ballads they are known for with “All 4 U.”

Check out the music video below, and if you want to take a trip down memory lane watch a performance of “More Than Words” (including the MC’s hilarious pronunciation of their title).