One thing fans love about ASTRO is that they’re a group of jokesters: they’re constantly yelling with each other and having a good time, making it impossible to not love them. Since their debut, they’ve been amongst the most chaotic groups out there and all their videos prove that. Here are some older ASTRO moments that every AROHA should know!

astro chaos
| Fantagio Entertainment

1. The iconic cicada video.

During one of their Astro Play videos, a cicada found its way into the company building, and the 6 of them were absolutely terrified.

2. The banana suit.

Their entire episode of Pikicast‘s After Mom Goes to Sleep had us in stitches, but MJ dancing to “All Night” in a banana suit really takes the cake.

3. Jinjin and MJ’s musical

It’s no surprise MJ got casted for an actual musical after this stellar performance.

4. “My name’s Jinjin.”

We love a rapper who can freestyle.

5. Moonbin screaming at Eunwoo from the ground floor

He really thought he’d be able to hear him, hunh.

6. When they smelled each other’s feet on a live broadcast

Sometimes we wonder what goes through their heads.