Even though BTS‘s new album BE is slated for release on November 20, the boys surprised fans with a new version of “Dynamite” that had quite a few familiar faces helping the boys sing the song. Here are all the Big Hit Labels artists you were expecting, and a few you might not have known.

1. TXT

txt taehyun hueningkai

If BTS were filming a music video with the Big Hit family, it wouldn’t have been complete without their juniors and well-known fanboys TXT.

txt beomgyu yeonjun soobin


gfriend sinb umji

Since Source Music is a part of the Big Hit Labels family, some of the girls showed their support for “Dynamite” by joining in the singalong.

gfriend eunha yuju


enhypen heeseung niki jay

After the conclusion of the survival show I-LAND, the group of fan-favorites ENHYPEN is the new group to the Big Hit Entertainment family. Like TXT, all the members showed their smiling faces as they jammed to the disco track.

enhypen jake sunghoon sunoo jungwon

4-5. Lee Hyun And NANA

As the most veteran artist of Big Hit Entertainment, soloist Lee Hyun appeared and alongside a face that many new K-Pop fans hadn’t recognized. NANA is a former member of After School and subunit Orange Caramel, who is now focusing on her acting under Pledis Entertainment.

lee hyun nana


The final Big Hit Labels group to show their support for BTS was Pledis Entertainment’s senior boy group NU’EST. Half of the members appeared for the group.

nuest minhyun baekho aron

Although many wondered why SEVENTEEN hadn’t appeared, fans enjoyed seeing the majority of the Big Hit Labels family all in one place to show their love for BTS’s “Dynamite”. You can check out all the idols in their full glory here.