Although K-Pop idols are known for their cute and young visuals, there are a few top idols that are famous for looking way younger than their age. Here’s a list of the top six idol members that are known for their young visuals!

1. EXO’s Xiumin

EXO’s Xiumin was born on March 26, 1990 and is a part of EXO, EXO-M, and Exo-CBX. Although he is 29 years old, he looks as if he hasn’t aged a day since his debut. Xiumin is an idol that is never missed when talking about idols who look young for their age.

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2. BTOB’s Lee Minhyuk

BTOB’s Lee Minhyuk was born on November 29, 1990 (29 years old) and is also known for his acting in A New Leaf and Sweet, Savage Family.

young6 young7 young8 young9

3. Highlight’s Yang Yoseob

HIGHLIGHT’s Yang Yoseob was born on January 5, 1990 (30 years old) and is the main vocalist of the group. He is also known to be a musical actor and has broadened his experience with his music.

yang1 yang2 yang3 yang4

4. WINNER’s Jinwoo

WINNER’s Kim Jinwoo was born on September 26, 1991 (28 years old) and is known for his young visuals despite being almost thirty years old. WINNER was created through the Mnet survival program WIN: Who Is Next.

jinwoo jinwoo2 jinwoo3 jinwoo4

5. BTS’s Jin

BTS’s Jin was born on December 4, 1992 (27 years old) and despite being the oldest member of the group, his visuals speak otherwise. He is also known as ‘worldwide handsome’ for his young and great looks.

seokjin1 seokjin2 seokjin3 seokjin4

6. Seckskies’ Eun Jiwon

SechskiesEun Jiwon was born on June 8, 1978 (41 years old) and is the leader of the first generation group SecksKies. Although he is in his forties, he could pass for being a much younger idol member due to his young appearance.

ji1 ji2 ji3 ji4

What other male idols are known to look much younger than their age? Let us know!