Who knew that a hardworking doctor could be such a fierce fashionista?

Let’s visit the set of the hit SBS series “Doctors,” with the rebellious teen-turned-surgeon, Yoo Hye Jung, played by the beautiful and talented Park Shin Hye.

Park Shin Hye’s fashion is making huge waves in Seoul. From the sexy, gorgeous leather pants that scream “bad girls have more fun” to the chic Louboutins that adorn the feet of a surgeon falling in love, the K-drama runway wouldn’t be complete without our fashionable neurosurgeon, Hye Jung. Whether it’s on- or off-call, Park Shin Hye’s fashion has set a new bar for stylish fans who are looking to add a splash of “Doctors” in their closets (minus the scrubs)!

Check out some of Park Shin Hye’s best fashion moments from “Doctors”!

1) Black on Black Leather from Episode 1

park shin hye fashion black on black full shot

No bad-girl fashion is complete without black leather pants! Park Shin Hye makes it bad to the core with her black see-through silk blouse from 8 Seconds and I’m-about-to-kick-you-again sexy leather pants.

park shin hye black on black leather

2) Wet and Chic from Episode 6

park shin hye fashion wet and chic

Ready to learn how to dance in the rain? Put on your favorite Jill Stuart blouse and True Religion bootcut jeans and find a red telephone booth!

park shin hye fashion wet and chic red telephone box

3) Louboutins in the Field from Episode 8

park shin hye fashion louboutins in the field

I’m against leaving any type of Louboutins out and about on the field, especially with this gorgeous Paloma handbag. Christian Louboutins belong on your feet or wrapped in your arms to be worshipped. But, hey, when it comes to this field of love, who gives?

park shin hye fashion louboutins in the field running

She’s taken off her black, suede Jimmy Choos and is ready to glam up this field with her off-the-shoulder top and blue poplin shirt by Alexander Wang. The blue and white stripes midi skirt is designed by 2nd Floor.

4) Kiss Me, I’m Wearing White from Episode 12

park shin hye fashion kiss me i'm wearing white

Who could ever resist kissing Park Shin Hye? Her feminine fashion is just mesmerizing! She’s wearing the JULES Jaquard skirt by Maje with Gerard Darel’s Calinou Blouse.  The canary yellow bag is none other than the classic Mulberry Small Clifton!

park shin hye fashion kiss me i'm wearing white top

5) Back Hug Blouse from Episode 12

park shin hye fashion back hug blouse

If you want to do a back hug, make sure you do it with a chic, floral blouse by Zadig & Voltaire. Everything is better with flowers. Even hugs! Park Shin Hye’s pale cranberry pants are by Joseph, and she’s wearing Bruno Magli’s Retro-L crossbody bag.

park shin hye fashion back hug blouse outfit

6) I’m in Love Outfit from Episode 13

park shin hye fashion i'm in love outfit

Kim Rae Won plays husband-to-be while Park Shin Hye glows from his love, and of course, with the help of her gorgeous yellow-patterned blouse. The blouse is designed by Marni, and her skirt is from the popular Korean brand Voice of Voices (VOV).

park shin hye i'm in love outfit closeup

Watch the latest episode of “Doctors” here:

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1104227v-doctors-episode-15

Source: Sweetnara