Acne is something that no one can escape. Even our favorite Korean celebrities have talked about their struggles with acne in variety shows and interviews.

While acne can be a product of genetics, environmental factors, and stress, the good thing is you can minimize your chances of breaking out by using the right products in your skin care routine.

Here are some ways to prevent and treat acne:

Wash Your Face Thoroughly

Breakouts occur when your pores become filled with excess sebum (oil), bacteria, and dead skin cells. To keep your face free of this sludge, wash your face thoroughly every morning and night with products like Banila Co Clean it Zero Purity oil cleansing balm and Neogen Cranberry Real Fresh Foaming Cleanser. Banila Co Clean It Zero Purity Neogen Cranberry Real Fresh Foam Cleanser

Don’t Touch Your Pimples

Every time you squeeze or touch your pimple, bacteria underneath your skin can rupture and spread to other parts of your face. The COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch not only covers and protects the blemish, but the clear patch also absorbs debris and pus so that the pimple can actually heal faster.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Use Chemical Exfoliants

It all starts with your pores. To clear your pores of dead skin cells, you’re going to need a chemical exfoliant such as salicylic acid or lactic acid. The COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid is a powerful serum that helps minimize the appearance of pores and helps unclog pores.


Heal And Protect With Snail Mucin

Snail mucin is known for its regenerative and hydrating properties. Coat skin with COSRX Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence to repair everything from dry patches to acne breakouts. It can also lighten hyper-pigmentation (those dark spots left behind from breakouts) so your skin will look glowing and healthy.


Use SPF Protection

To keep your blemishes from into turning into long-lasting brown spots (aka post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation), use sun screen like Neogen’s Day-Light Protection Sun Screen. Acne is technically a wound and with sun exposure, the blemish may turn into a brown spot if you don’t protect it with SPF.


What are your tips for preventing and treating acne?

Watch this video for more information about acne:

Charlotte Cho is the editor in chief of K-beauty content site The Klog, which is dedicated to covering the innovative and fascinating world and products of Korea.