With JTBC drama SKY Castle breaking records, the focus is being turned to the real-life stars who grew up in rich and wealthy households.

Here are the 6 stars who grew up in affluent families:

1. Jung Hae In

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Jung Hae In, who recently rose to fame as the “national younger man”, has parents who own and manage a hospital. Jung Hae In’s father graduated from The Catholic University of Korea’s medical school and is currently a professor in ophthalmology. In addition, he is a direct descendant of the Korean poet, Jeong Yakyong.

2. TWICE’s Mina

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TWICE’s Mina’s father is a famous orthopedics doctor. Mina’s father is known to be a part of a renowned medical department of a university in Osaka. He is also the center chief of the future medical development department.

3. Hong Jinyoung


The trot goddess, Hong Jinyoung has a father who is a professor of economics at Chosun University and the permanent president of New Right Policy Forum. Hong Jin Young appeared on various variety shows and revealed, “My father used to keep his wallet open and told me to take as much money as I wanted.

4. GFRIEND’s Umji


GFriend’s Umji’s father is the director of a famous dentistry clinic in Korea. Umji’s father’s dentistry clinic is known to have a total of 45 locations all around Korea. Umji once revealed, “I once went to North Korea with my dad to provide medical services.

5. Kim Min Kyo

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The actor, Kim Min Kyo’s father also used to be the director of a hospital. Kim Min Kyo once revealed on a variety program that he had a swimming pool at home, a maid that prepared food, and a maid that took care of their pets. However, his family ran into financial trouble when his father got scammed when Kim Min Kyo was in high school.

6. Roy Kim

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Roy Kim’s father is the chairman of a leading company in Korea, and he’s also a professor at Hongik University. His father has extensive post-graduate education in Korea as well as abroad and was once the vice-chancellor of Hongik University. He was implicated in the Burning Sun scandal via Jung Joon Young’s chat rooms, but was later proven innocent.