As we reported earlier, top actress Jeon Ji Hyun has officially started planning for her wedding. On April 13th, she will be holding her wedding at Seoul’s Shilla Hotel with her boyfriend Choi Jun Hyuk. 

However, contrary to the news about a rather quiet and small ceremony, sources from Sports Seoul are telling us a completely different story. It is said that the actress has recruited 60 bodyguards alone for her ceremony. Due to the continuous questions from reporters, she even has her own PR team.

An official from her company stated, “Since there has been a huge amount of attention from the public and fans concerning top star Jeon Ji Hyun’s wedding, we have prepared her personal PR team. We plan on delivering news about her wedding as well as her scheduled activities through her PR team.”

Her wedding, which will still be held in private, will include both sides of their family. In addition, 600 guests from the fashion and entertainment industries will be invited. To prepare for the fans and reporters who will show up, the actress has also hired 60 bodyguards.

At 3 PM on the day of the ceremony, Jeon Ji Hyun will hold a press conference in her wedding dress. Her husband-to-be will not be attending this press conference. It is also said that Jeon Ji Hyun will be wearing a hanbok made directly from her grandmother-in-law, the famous hanbok designer Lee Young Hee

Right after her wedding ceremony, the actress is scheduled to return to the shooting site for her upcoming movie “Berlin.”