Telling indescribably lame puns is a special talent, and there are some idols who are always full of these dad jokes. Whether it’s a variety program or a V Live stream, they are always prepared to crack us (and themselves) up with these funny lines. Although their group mates often pretend not to understand the punch lines or find them boring, we know they enjoy these jokes just as much as we do. Some might call these idols “no jam”, but we know they are actually born jokesters and absolutely hilarious.

BTS’s Jin

Let’s be real, most of you opened the article to see Seokjin’s name here. BTS’s eldest is known for his amazing dad jokes, and the members are often the victims of his latest puns. It’s Yoongi who visibly suffers the most from Jin’s antics, but we can always trust Jimin to hype our resident dad joke man up!

EXO’s Suho

EXO members usually can’t stand their leader’s jokes, but everything that comes out of Junmyeon’s mouth is quality content indeed. He always has a pun or wordplay on his mind and he is ready to shoot us with his jokes anytime, anywhere. Look at Chanyeol’s reaction here, he’s so done with Suho!


Wonwoo is lucky to have 12 other members by his side, because there will always be at least one person who laughs at his lame jokes. Acrostic poems and wordplays are his speciality, and his proud face after telling a pun is the cutest thing on earth.

SHINee’s Onew

When the members appeared on “Radio Star,” they told us how much Onew loves cracking his dorky old man jokes. Even when he had surgery and couldn’t use his voice, he ended up typing the puns on his phone and showing it to the others. That is what we call dedication!

NCT’s Jeno

Jeno is probably the youngest on our list, but he already knows how to make the lamest wordplays ever. As he said before, being “no jam” is his concept, and he is proud of his title of being the “not funny one” in NCT. His members are so used to his boring jokes that they got totally surprised when Jeno accidentally told something funny. We love Jenojam the way he is, and we can’t wait to hear more amazing puns from him!

GOT7’s Mark

You know those people that have that one annoyingly lame joke that they keep on repeating everytime? That’s GOT7’s visual for you! Mark’s obsession with his cucumber pun is actually the cutest thing and we could never get bored of it.

LABOUM’s Solbin

The dangerous part about Solbin’s wordplays is that it’s contagious, and even the showmen of “Ask Us Anything” were getting the hang of it. This lady is unstoppable, and she can make a joke out of basically anything people say to her.

And here’s the best bonus! Solbin and Seokjin telling us the greatest jokes together!

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