Marriages in K-pop are fairly rare, but not unheard of. While many first generation K-pop stars have already tied the knot, second generation idols are also beginning to getting married. Let’s take a look at seven K-pop stars (both former and current) that have been taken off the dating market.

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon Wedding Lee Hyori married fellow musician Lee Sang Yoon at their vacation house on Jeju Island in September 2013. They met while working together on a song to support animal shelters.


Kahi Yang Joon Moo Kahi (formerly of After School) got married to Yang Joon Mo, CEO of lifestyle brand Incase Korea, just a few months ago, in March 2016. The ceremony was held in Hawaii and multiple After School members attended.

Eli (U-Kiss)

Eli of U-Kiss was revealed to have gotten secretly married in June 2014. After revealing it in December 2015, he was met with backlash from fans. However, the couple have still not had an official wedding ceremony yet.

Dongho (U-Kiss)

Another member of U-Kiss, Dongho, got married in November of 2015, after dating his girlfriend in secret for over a year.


Sunye (formerly of Wonder Girls) tied the knot in January 2013, two years after meeting her boyfriend, James Park, on a mission trip in Haiti. She recently had her second child as well.

Sungmin (Super Junior)

In December 2014, Super Junior member Sungmin married musical actress Kim Sa Eun in a private ceremony, which many Super Junior members attended.

Mad Clown

mad clown marriage The most recent addition to the growing list of married K-pop stars, Mad Clown married his girlfriend on May 15, 2016 at a ceremony that nearly every other Starship Entertainment artist attended.

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