The boy next door.

Much like the “girl next door,” the “boy next door” is the subject of many daydreams and fantasies.


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Handsome, friendly, and most important, nearby.


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The kind of person you think would be a great boyfriend if you just managed to gather up your courage to confess your feelings to.


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Many actresses have made their careers with their “next door” image, like American actresses Katie Holmes or Cameron Diaz. Their Korean counterpart would be actresses like Moon Geun Young or Park Shin Hye. Beautiful and approachable, these actresses with their “girl next door” image make audiences swoon with their big smiles and friendly eyes.

How about actors with the “boy next door” image? Rather than the mysterious, classically good-looking types that were popular circa 2000s, actors with the “boy next door” image are today’s up-and-coming stars, winning fans over with their gentle but playful, fashionable but low-maintenance image. Let’s take a look at a few actors who are gaining popularity these days as the ultimate “boy next door.”

Park Bo Gum

(born 1993, “Tomorrow Cantabile” and “I Remember You“)

Park Bo Gum in Remember Me

Park Bo Gum may spend most of his days looking like this:

Park Bo Gum

But he will go on a date with you looking like this:

Park Bo gum jjajangmyun

Byun Yo Han

(born 1986, can be seen in “Ex-Girlfriend Club” and “Six Flying Dragons“)

Byun Yo Han 1

The boy next door flashing you that smile?


Byun Yo Han 2

Nam Joo Hyuk

(born 1994, “Surplus Princess” and “Who Are You:School 2015“)

nam joo hyuk who are you

Nam Joo Hyuk takes dorky selfies like this:

Nam Joo Hyuk selfie

What that selfie is not telling you is that he spends a lot of time working out.

Nam Joo Hyuk

And being a good oppa.

And a good dongsaeng.

nam joo hyuk mermaid

Park Seo Joon

(born 1988, can be seen in “Kill Me, Heal Me” and “She Was Pretty“)

Park Seo Joon 2

Park Seo Joon is that boy next door that only has eyes for his baby neice.

Park Seo Joon 4

But on a date with you, will look at you like this:

Park Seo Joon 1

Kwak Si Yang

(born 1987, “Persevere, Goo Hae Ra” and “Oh My Ghost”)

Kwak Shi Yang 1

Kwak Si Yang looks like the boy next door that is secretly in love with his childhood friend.

kwak shi yang goo hae ra

And whenever you see him give piggy-back rides to her, you imagine yourself in her spot.

kwak shi yang goo hae ra 2

Ji Soo

(born 1993, “Love Frequency 37.2” and “Angry Mom“)

Ji Soo 2

He’s the boy next door that is a bit of a rebel.

Ji soo angry mom

But is really just all heart.

Ji Soo crying

And he hangs out with other “boy next door” types.

Ji Soo byun yo han 1

Do Sang Woo

(born 1987, “Ex-Girlfriend Club” and “My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol“

Do Sang Woo 2

He’s tall and fashionable, and you think he should be on a Paris runway instead of living next door to you, but then he smiles at you like this:

Do Sang woo 3

So you wish he just lives next to you forever.

Do Sang Woo 1

And he also hangs out with Byun Yo Han.

Do Sang Woo byun yo han 1

Birds of a feather flock together.

Do Sang Woo byun yo han 2