You’re probably familiar with the obvious signs of obsession over your bias: your eyes are drawn to them in every performance you watch, your phone background features a new picture of them every month, your room is decked out with posters of them….

But spend enough time pouring over all the content you can find of your favorite Korean idol, and he or she might begin to infiltrate your life in even sneakier ways that you may not have even noticed! Here are just a few:

1. You start adopting the same mannerisms

Maybe your bias has a particular way of eating, or a unique stride when walking, or a habit of covering their face when they laugh. Whatever it is, don’t be surprised when these habits and mannerisms start creeping into your daily life!

Don’t tell me all you V-biased people have never found yourselves using his signature pose in your own photos:

No? Just me?

Or some of you stans of EXO’s Baekhyun haven’t accidentally bitten your friends in a show of affection.

And hopefully they were as cool with it as Sehun is.

However subtle, you’ve probably picked up a mannerism or two from your favorite idol! And if this sounds weird to you now… well, just you wait. It’ll happen to you soon enough.

2. You mysteriously crave certain foods

… that just so happen to be your bias’s faves. I mean, watch enough videos of your bias eating or professing their love for a particular type of food, and you’re bound to develop an affinity for it yourself. They just make it look so tasty!

Do you find yourself loving fried chicken as a fan of SHINee’s Onew?


Or have an insatiable appetite for corn if you stan Park Bom?

Whatever food it is that your bias loves, it’s only a matter of time before you develop an appetite for it, too!

3. Catch phrases sneak into your daily speech

Some of our beloved idols have favorite words or phrases that they say all the time. And after hearing these catch phrases so often from your bias’s mouth, it should come as no surprise when you find yourself accidentally uttering them out loud – whether it’s just your classic “daebak,” or something a little more imaginative, like Sehun’s adorably unique versions of “yay” and “all right.”

And it’s only natural that a G-Dragon fan might forget that “get your crayon” doesn’t really translate to “let’s get crazy” in English – unless your definition of crazy involves a coloring book.

Your non-K-pop friends may not understand what you mean at first, but give it some time and maybe they’ll be saying these catch phrases too!

4. Your fashion sense starts to change

Is your fashion sense evolving these days? It might have something to do with your bias – don’t be surprised if your style begins to mirror theirs! After all, it makes sense that you’d want to add some edgier looks to your wardrobe after stanning someone like BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

And it’s only natural that you start to eye that pair of shoes that your bias is always wearing….

When BTS’s Jungkook makes Timberland boots look like such a staple, how can a fan to resist wanting a pair for themselves? 

You’d just better hope that your favorite idol’s taste doesn’t start to get too expensive – but let’s be honest, the chances probably aren’t too hot.

5. It doesn’t stop at clothes

Maybe you’ve never even considered dying your hair before, but suddenly those fun hues that your bias is currently rocking are calling your name. Deep purple undertones, mint green highlights, or even a full head of vivid red – when your favorite idol has a new ‘do, you might find yourself contemplating a similar one.

HyunA looks stunning in her neon rainbow hair, so you can definitely pull it off too, right?

Certain accessories also become more appealing; you might not even need glasses, but they seem like a wardrobe necessity when your bias is always wearing them.

Especially when they look as good as these round frames do on SEVENTEEN’s Woozi.

Hair colors, accessories, jewelry, makeup: whatever it is your bias is showing off, you can’t help but want to hop on the trend.

6. Your self-care routines get an overhaul

Our favorite idols tend to have unique tricks and tips for some of their daily care rituals, whether it’s their eating schedule, exercise regimen, or skincare routine. Once you learn about your bias’s particular routines, you may find yourself incorporating some parts of theirs into yours.

Let’s be honest, you probably wouldn’t have thought to literally slap lotion onto your cheeks as part of your skincare regimen… but stan MONSTA X’s Kihyun and you, too, might be smacking yourself in the face on a nightly basis.

Or maybe your bias is more like Jessica, and has you “playing the piano around your eyes” when you put your eye cream on.

Whatever the routine, it’s hard to resist taking a page from your bias’s book; we just want to look and feel as fly as they do!

7. You pick up new hobbies

If your bias is known to have some favorite pastimes or activities, you’ve probably dabbled in these yourself. How can you help it when they make their hobbies look so fun?

It might be as simple as cracking open some good books like GOT7’s Jinyoung:



Or perhaps a little more unique, like Im Siwan’s talent for solving Rubik’s Cubes:

If you’re anywhere near as fast as he is, we’re impressed.

For all the hours you spend watching and reading about your favorite Korean idol, you can rest assured that you’re getting something back: whether it’s a taste for a certain food, a newly discovered hobby, or just a new favorite phrase or pose for photos, you have your bias to thank!

Hey Soompiers, got any other ways that your bias has subtly influenced your life? Let us know in the comments below!

hgordon‘s ultimate bias is BTS’s V, and she’s rather impressed with herself for managing to write this article with only one mention of him!