The possible creation of a Chinese NCT unit has been a hot topic among K-pop fans since last summer, and SM Entertainment finally debuted their first C-pop group this January. If you are still confused about WayV or want to know more about the members, you are in the right place!  Prepare yourself, because all of them are truly charming and their music is catchy as hell, so it’s going to be easy to fall in love with WayV.

Here is some essential information about the seven-member boy group!

The basics

WayV is the brand new China-based boy group of SM Entertainment, consisting of seven members: Kun, Ten, WinWin, Lucas, Xiaojun, Hendery, and YangYang. WayV (威神V, WeiShen V) is managed by SM’s China-exclusive label, Label V, and the seven boys debuted on January 17 with their single album, “The Vision.” Their lead single might sound familiar to K-pop fans; it’s the Chinese version of NCT 127’s popular single “Regular.”

Familiar faces in WayV

If you are a fan of NCT, you are probably not surprised that all seven members are really easy to fall in love with. In fact, some members of WayV have already debuted in different NCT units: Ten was introduced in NCT U back in 2016, WinWin joined NCT 127 later that year, and we got to know Lucas and Kun as part of NCT 2018 last year.

After hearing Kun’s beautiful vocals on the Chinese version of NCT U’s “Without You,” it was high time the boy actually got his time to shine. He’s not only a powerhouse vocalist and the perfect leader of the group, we also got to hear his impressive rapping skills in “Regular.” Known for his cooking skills and magic tricks, he will make your heart swoon with his adorable dorkiness and caring nature.

Ten is still the dance god we’ve gotten to know in recent years! He is fantastic in whatever he does, whether it is dancing, rapping, or singing. He is of Chinese ethnicity, but was born in Thailand and speaks English as well. He might not be the tallest member, but he is full of sass and snarky remarks!

WayV is the third NCT unit we get to see WinWin in, but we simply can’t get enough of his talent! Every WayV (and NCT) member adores the boy to the moon and back, and fans are no different either. His dance skills are worth praising, and we can’t wait to hear more of his angelic voice in the new unit.

Lucas is just like an excited puppy: always full of happiness and ready to bring the mood up. Just like in NCT U, he is spoiling us with his rapping skills, adorable personality, and relatable moments. He is able to create a comfy atmosphere wherever he goes, and WayV members are not the only ones grateful for that — we are too!

New kids on the block

Apart from the well-known NCT members, three former SM Rookies joined WayV, and we already love them!

Xiaojun is a real mood-maker of WayV! He is the eldest of the three and a main vocalist of the group. His vocal skills are indeed no joke, and he knows how to rap as well — he’s a true all-rounder guy. He is fun to be around, but he is also emotional and loves to watch movies and read books. Total boyfriend material, if you ask us.

We would all love to have a Chinese teacher as handsome and sweet as Hendery, but unfortunately, we are not as lucky as Ten. This boy has everything: a charming smile, looks, and incredible talent! We can’t wait to hear his voice more on their later releases.

And finally, our youngest, YangYang. Coming all the way from Germany, he is the one representing Europe in WayV. As the youngest, he definitely knows how to be a little brat and tease the older ones (especially Kun). He is the main rapper in the group, and he already has a nice flow despite his young age.

The wait was way too long

The first rumors of SM Entertainment debuting a Chinese unit started in the first half of 2018, and everyone dated their debut way before 2019. NCTzens had to wait a lot to actually grab some information about the new unit, and there was a lot of uncertainty around the group members, name, and connection to other NCT units. Fortunately, the wait is over now, and we can listen to the beautiful voices of the seven boys anytime we want.

Their high-quality music

We’ve already mentioned the Chinese version of “Regular,” but WayV’s first single definitely has a lot more to offer. We also got a Chinese version for NCT 127’s Japanese song “Come Back,” and the boys blessed us with another music video for “Dream Launch,” which is just the perfect song for lazy afternoons. Check it out below!

Incredible dancing skills

Many members are true dance enthusiasts, and just like in NCT, the choreographies are always on point with WayV! We could just watch these dance practices for hours and not get bored!

Want to know more? Watch “All For One”!

As WayV just debuted, it’s easy to catch up with the content out there that lets you know more about their personalities! Just watch “All For One” for funny games and exercises and get lost in the magical world of WayV!

Just look at them saying incredibly cheesy pick-up lines! Aren’t they the cutest?

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