Often times, we see boy groups and girl groups showing a bond that fortifies brotherhood or sisterhood in a sense, but what about co-ed groups? Check out these eight co-ed groups who are sure to knock your socks off with their unique blend brought from both genders.

1. Urban Zakapa

First on the list is Urban Zakapa. Zakapa is a combination of the words zappy, kaleidoscopic, and passionate. One of their most famous hits, “I Don’t Love You” is sure to get you on the verge of tears; it is a wonderful demonstration of their powerful vocals and melodious harmony.


MFBTY is short for “My Fans (Are) Better Than Yours.” This group is seriously an unstoppable hip hop trio. Although the group started as a joke, what they have become and the music they have produced should definitely be taken seriously. With some of the best rappers in the country, any song of theirs is sure to be a jam.

3. 8eight

While we can thank BTS for giving us a beautiful cover of “Without a Heart,” we must also appreciate their label mates and industry seniors for this beautiful song.

4. K.A.R.D

It hasn’t even been three months and K.A.R.D has impressed listeners around the world and garnered million of views on their music videos. They embody the harmony that can exist in co-ed groups and are a great example of why we should have more co-ed groups. Check out their most recent single “Don’t Recall”!

5. Clazziquai

Can you believe Clazziquai has been around for over 15 years? Gaining huge recognition in 2003 with their track “She Is” from the “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon“ OST, they were able to show the world their unique blend of electronic, jazz, and pop sounds. They are still producing great music for us to enjoy even after being active for quite some time!

6. Troublemaker

Troublemaker has put on some of the most legendary stages and taken our breath away with their performances. I know I can’t be the only one still waiting for what they will bring us next. Their chemistry on stage is undeniable.

7. Akdong Musician

This brother-sister duo has been blowing us out of the water for years with their versatile performances and accomplishments at such a young age. Whatever they do, they do it with creativity and are entertaining through and through.

8. Koyote

A co-ed group from the 90s, they are known for their dance-pop songs that are sure to energize you and get your head bopping. Although they’ve experienced some changes in their lineup and taken breaks here and there, they are still active and we hope to see something new from them soon.

Which co-ed group is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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