While its no secret that all idols are super gorgeous, there are some that leave you absolutely dumbstruck with their visuals! Here are 8 male idols who look so much like dolls, you’ll be shocked at the resemblance!

1. Oh My Girl’s YooA

Oh My Girl‘s YooA is well-known among fans to resemble a doll! With her small face, full lips and long limbs, she always has fans in awe of her visuals!

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BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is also thought to often resemble a doll! With her large eyes, toned figure and straight hair with bangs, fans have always considered her to look very similar to a Barbie doll!

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3. Red Velvet’s Irene

Red Velvet‘s Irene is a very popular visual, but the idea of her “doll-like” beauty was truly driven home during the group’s “Russian Roulette” era, where her teasers were praised her unreal beauty!

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4. GFRIEND’s Eunha

GFRIEND‘s Eunha is another popular doll-visual, and her image is further cemented as visual by her petite figure and dainty face! Fans have always thought she looks super cute, and love her incredible beauty!

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5. IZ*ONE’s Sakura

As one of the official visuals of her team, IZ*ONE‘s Sakura is always praised for her beauty! She’s also hailed for her resemblance to a doll, with her incredible proportions and soft features, and is fan favorite for her adorable personality as well!

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6. IU

IU has very delicate features that contribute to her being praised as a serious visual in the industry! With her slender frame and dainty looks, fans always liken her to a beautiful doll, and rightly so!

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7. Girls Generation’s Taeyeon

Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon boasts an incredible talent that is accompanied by breathtaking visuals! She’s famed for her super fair skin and small stature, and fans can’t help but think of a doll when they see her!

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8. TWICE’s Tzuyu

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is also a famed visual, and when smaller idols are said to resemble dolls due to their petite frames, Tzuyu’s tall height is what brings in the most praise! With a small face that explodes with her strong visual game and unreal proportions, Tzuyu looks just like a living, breathing doll!

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