It’s the most wonderful time of the year without a doubt, but let’s be honest, it can get a little overwhelming when thinking about gifts, and if you’re in any kind of Secret Santa exchange, it can get even harder. While, yes, it’s a super fun thing to do between friends or co-workers, trying to figure out the perfect gift can get real difficult real fast. It can’t exceed a certain budget, needs to target every person participating, and hopefully not be something someone else brought. Sound like a challenge? Well, fear not. as my gift to you this Christmas is a bunch of ideas to guide you and help you find something in the K-beauty universe to bring to your next gift exchange and win over everyone’s heart.

Skinfood Avocado Sugar Lip Scrub

It’s cute, it’s perfect for wintertime to keep your lips smooth and healthy, and it’s shaped like an avocado… can it really get any better than that? This highly moisturizing lip scrub formulated with avocado oil, shea butter, and black sugar deeply hydrates and exfoliates your lips to keep them from flaking or drying out. Truly, can anyone resist?

Healing Bird Botanical Travel Kit

You know how you don’t realize how important travel size skincare is until you have to travel and none of your full size bottles are allowed in your suitcase? Well, you can solve that problem for a friend of yours this Christmas. Forget about hotel room toiletries and gift someone a good shower time while away. This body-care pack contains a freesia shampoo and conditioner set and a rose & cedarwood body wash and body lotion set, and yes, it smells just as good as it sounds.

I Dew Care Mini Meow Trio

There are millions of masks out there, but there’s a reason why holographic ones keep on being so popular: everyone can have fun with them while taking care of their skin (plus, they’re insanely selfie-worthy). This peel-off trio of holographic masks features three of I Dew Care’s Kitten Collection favorites that anyone can use. They can be used separately or for a multi-masking session, AKA, a multifaceted gift.

Innisfree My Lip Balm Best Collection

Gifts involving lip care are always well received, because let’s face it, keeping our lips from dehydrating during winter is truly a challenge and anyone can take advantage from having some extra lip balm. This collection by Innisfree is not only perfect for those with dry lips, but also adds a little color to them without being too overwhelming (plus it can also be applied to cheeks for a dewy flush). The holiday set includes five shades formulated with different teas: Dried Rose, Ruby Grapefruit, Sunkissed Cherry, Wedding Peach and Wild Hibiscus.

Belif Winter Waterdrop Kit

Find something with cute packaging and you’re halfway there, right? This limited edition water drop-shaped pouch contains five of belif’s all time best sellers: their popular aqua bomb moisturizer, a creamy cleanser, a super hydrating essence, eye cream, and a super soothing sleeping mask. The best part? Whoever receives it not only gets amazing skincare for the winter, but the cute pouch to use as a makeup bag or organizer after the products are gone.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Jelly Tote

Glow Recipe’s watermelon gang could simply not be left out of this list because, duh, watermelon. For the holidays, Glow Recipe came out with a pink Jelly Tote containing all three staples of their collection so no one has to wait until summer to be able to smell watermelon again. Containing a full size bottle of the Glow Pink Juice moisturizer, a travel size jar of the Glow Sleeping Mask and a Glow Jelly Sheet Mask — all inside a translucent pink tote — this is definitely a gift exchange winner.

Innisfree Glow On! Dew-Licious 18 Mask Menu

Give the gift of good skin and I assure you, it will be well received. This set featuring Innisfree’s best masks contains 18 different ones — all made from 100 percent biodegradable eucalyptus fiber by the way, so planet Earth friendly — to satisfy every skin craving. Honestly, is there anyone who’s gonna say no to sheet masks?

Peripera Blur Pang Mini Set

It doesn’t matter if you are into makeup or not, showcasing a smooth complexion is something everyone wants. For that same reason, this can be a perfect gift that every single person can enjoy. This set of primers can be used either under makeup or by itself to accomplish that airbrushed yet natural finish we’re all secretly looking for (or maybe not so secretly).

Did any of these make your list? Let us know if you’ll go for one of them for you next Secret Santa exchange!

Caromalis is a K-pop and K-beauty obsessed vlogger and writer. You can find her interviewing some of yours (and her) favorite groups when they visit NYC, trying the latest K-Beauty trends or testing idols’ skincare routines. Say hi to Caro on Instagram and Twitter!