Spring has begun, and that means a number of things: new K-dramas with pretty faces, the type of songs you listen to in the car with the windows down, and best of all: new fashion. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can finally ditch the rain coats, puff coats, and wind beater jackets which have most likely been plaguing your closet. Well, maybe not yet.

If you’re still stuck in the last few cold fronts of winter’s icy grip, don’t lose hope! There’s no time like the present for planning (and shopping), so feel free to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and indulge in a taste of the spring outfits you’re going to rock soon. Without further ado, here are eight K-fashion styles to fall in love with this season!

1. Jeans & heels

Who doesn’t love heels? Now that it’s almost time to put away the fur boots, you might want to consider digging out your abandoned heels and lavishing some much-needed attention on them. Spring is a season of vibrancy and color, and nothing represents that more than a pair of playfully flirtatious heels. Keep ‘em casual with a pair of jeans — you can go for classic blue skinny jeans, or have a little more fun with ripped jeans, patchwork jeans, boot leg jeans, etc. Amp up the cute factor by adding a seasonal splash of color to your heels, be it green, yellow, or robin egg blue: your options are open. Complete the outfit with a knitted sweater, a light turtleneck, a casual sweatshirt, or a sarcastic t-shirt. With this style, you’re free to get pretty creative.

2. Sarcastic shirts

T-shirts are breezy and comfortable, and now that they come with a plethora of sarcastic and witty sayings, they’re also a great way to express the sass in your personality. Other bonuses? They’re very “in” at the moment, they fit well with the 2018 vibe, and best of all, they’re not super expensive. Tuck them in to your jeans completely or only tuck them in the front, leaving the back to flow loosely for a bit of casual elegance. Pair them with high-waisted jeans if you want to showcase the T-shirt more. Lastly: don’t forget to take a selfie.

3. Have fun with denim

If you’re going for a look other than casual and colorful, try experimenting with some denim choices for spring. Pair a pale blue denim jacket or button-up shirt with dark blue or white jeans for a fashionably daring denim-on-denim look. A cute denim dress can also do the trick, either on its own or layered over a T-shirt for a sweet “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” kind of feel.

4. Add a long skirt

Long skirts are a relatively new fashion trend, so this style is open for experimentation. Try out different types of long skirts to see which ones are your spring favorites: floral patterns, tulle, or denim? Pair them with heels, boots, or sneakers and a tuck in tee, sweater, or blouse. If your skirt has a slit or is shorter in the front, you can choose a particular pair of shoes you want to showcase; otherwise, the sky is the limit with this look.

5. Spring = florals

With spring comes the obvious floral print, and Korea has always been a fan of it. Go all out with a floral print dress or mix and match with other outfit styles. As a general rule of thumb, keep to soft colors to complement your florals: tan heels, off-white sweaters, blush pink jeans, etc.

Left: Oh My Girl’s “Secret Garden.” Right: Yesstyle

6. Show off your shoulders

Show off your collarbone (and get some much needed Vitamin D) with an off-the-shoulder top. K-fashion has a number of styles to fit your personal preference: a collared blouse that hangs off your shoulders, a cutout neckline with V-straps, a choker top, a V-neckline, etc. These tops aren’t usually very expensive, so if you want to buy a combo collection for your closet, go for it!

7. Going sheer

Sheer is becoming “in.” After all, it’s a soft and flattering fabric which can be used in a number of different styles. Wear a sheer blouse over a tank top and pair it with jeans or a pencil skirt for an elegant look. Or wear a more figure-conforming sheer top for a sexier look. For the latter, if you’re uncomfortable with not wearing any layers underneath, then you can pair the shirt with a bandeau or a crop top. Add an extra feminine touch by sporting a flowy sheer top over a casual shirt or tank.

You can also incorporate sheer fabric into your outfit in a number of other ways: a layered skirt over another skirt, shorts, or jeans; or with a sweater, a crop top, etc.

Remember: Korean fashion relies on fun experimentation, so don’t hesitate to add your own touch of personality to your look!

While you’re dreaming about your favorite spring fashion styles, tell us what they are in the comments! Which K-fashion outfits are you planning out for spring, Soompiers?

Ariana K. Welsh is a college student who spends most of her time obsessing over K-dramas with her sister, dancing to loud music, and writing into the wee hours of the night. Her current fave things in life are: snow, Waldeinsamkeit by R.W. Emerson, and Butterbeer. Follow her on Instagram for all these things and more!