To be the sunshine means you are the source of light and happiness of everyone. It has become a nickname given by K-Pop fans to members of their favorite groups who radiate such energy!

Here are some male K-Pop idols who are dubbed as the sunshine by their fans!

1. MONSTA X’s Minhyuk

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Minhyuk is known as the group’s happy pill, making everyone happier with his wits and beautiful smile!



SEVENTEEN‘s DK is known among fans as a person who radiates a positive energy, thus earning him the “sunshine” nickname easily!

3. DAY6’s Wonpil

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Wonpil‘s smile is extremely beautiful and it always causes other people to smile as well, making him a true sunshine indeed!

4. EXO’s Xiumin

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EXO‘s Xiumin isn’t afraid to show his charming smile, and EXO-L’s love it when he does because it definitely brightens up their day!

5. SHINee’s Onew

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SHINee‘s Onew‘s smile is definitely one of the best! It can’t be helped to not smile when you see Onew smiling as well.

6. BTS’s J-Hope

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As someone known to be the source of happiness for his group, J-Hope has also easily been the source of happiness for ARMYs!


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ASTRO‘s MJ  isn’t afraid to be himself and act silly making him the group’s happy virus! His smile and jokes are always a good source of laughter and smiles!

8. NCT’s Jungwoo

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NCT‘s Jungwoo‘s soft and cute personality easily makes him the sunshine of the group! His smile is always contagious!