One of K-Pop’s most well-known fact is that idols always dye their hair a multitude of different colors, but some idols don’t want to make that commitment! They put on wigs, and somehow look ridiculously good in them too! Here are 9 idols who wore wigs, and totally pulled them off!

1. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

For the group’s comeback with “Kill This Love” in 2019, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie wore not one, but two wigs for just the comeback! She wore a blonde wig that had fans H Y P E D, and then she was later seen in a brown wig with straight bangs.


wig 2

wig 1



wig 4

wig 3


2. TWICE’s Nayeon

For the group’s “Feel Special” promotions, TWICE‘s Nayeon put on a short, bright blonde wig, and fans couldn’t help but marvel at how much it suited her! Even Red Velvet‘s Yeri agreed, and even asked Nayeon to officially try the look sometime!

wig 6

wig 5

wig 7


3. MAMAMOO’s Solar

In the group’s “Hip” comeback MV, MAMAMOO‘s Solar put on a black and pink wig for her solo scenes, and absolutely crushed it! And then, for the 2019 MAMA performance, Solar wore a similar wig in black and green and killed the look!

wig 9

wig 8

wig 11

wig 10


4. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

For BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” comeback, Jisoo was seen with a bobbed bright pink wig, and fans were shook at how visual queen Jisoo pulls off anything!

wig 13

wig 12

wig 14


5. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

For Girls’ Generation‘s 2015 comeback with “Lion Heart”, Yoona was seen with a brown, bushy wig, and somehow, she pulled it off without a hitch!

wig 17

wig 15

wig 18


6. TWICE’s Sana

For TWICE’s Japanese comeback with “Candy Pop”, Sana was seen with a blonde wig in the MV, and fans were loving it! She also put on a red wig for her Halloween costume of Mera from the movie Aquaman, and slayed!

wig 23

wig 22

wig 25

wig 24

wig 26


7. Red Velvet’s Irene

Red Velvet‘s Irene tried out an anime character cosplay in her 2017 web drama The Female Employees of a Game Company, wearing a bright orange wig and accompanying costume. The cosplay turned out great, and Irene (as usual) crushed it with her visuals!

wig 19

wig 20

wig 21


8. Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun

For Girls’ Generation’s 2015 comeback with “Lion Heart”, Seohyun was seen with a blonde wig in the teasers, and pulled the look of spectacularly!

wig 28

wig 27

wig 29



For BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” comeback, Lisa was seen rocking a bright blonde wig in the MV, looking totally badass!

wig 31

wig 30

wig 32