Award season is upon us and we can’t wait to see what is in store. With every award comes an award acceptance speech, and these can include jokes, dances, tears, and the unexpected. We’ve put together some of the most memorable award acceptance speeches you should definitely check out!

1. Kim Joo Hyuk at The Seoul Awards (2017)

This award acceptance speech is memorable for so many reasons. The setting was the inaugural Seoul Awards, the first-ever ceremony. The timing was just days before his unexpected passing, a heartbreak felt by many. And it was the first time he won an award for a supporting role in a film, a well-deserved award.

During his speech, Kim Joo Hyuk talked about what an honor it was to receive the award after acting for 20 years, and how it was his first time playing an antagonist in “Confidential Assignment” after playing more romantic comedy roles. After thanking the film staff and his agency’s CEO, he ended his speech with, “I think this award has been given to me by my parents, who are in heaven.”

We will forever remember Kim Joo Hyuk for his accomplishments, humble attitude, and admirable character, which are well represented in this speech.

2. EXO at MAMA (2014)

It is no secret that EXO encountered some tough times in 2014, but they emerged from those struggles stronger and better. This speech captures that strength perfectly. Lay’s powerful words exhibited his confidence and faith in their abilities to move past the events of that year.

3. BIGBANG at Gaon Awards (2016)

Of course this list would not be complete without Seungri’s notorious thank you to himself. All jokes aside, he made an excellent point and it’s definitely important to take time to thank yourself. Also, that shoutout to the maknaes was too funny. Did you see how high Jungkook had his hand up? Check it out:

4. Park Bo Gum at KBS Drama Awards (2016)

This was an award acceptance that even moved audience members to tears (ahem, we see you Song Joong Ki). Park Bo Gum’s humility and sincerity are some of his greatest qualities and you can see them in this touching, heartfelt acceptance speech. There is no doubt that Bo Gum will continue to shine in the years to come.

5. Song Joong Ki at KBS Drama Awards (2016)

I guess the tears just didn’t stop coming for Joong Ki that night. This moving award acceptance speech shows his gratefulness and desire to improve upon his acting. His commitment and care to his work is admirable and astounding.

6. BTS at MAMA (2016)

Can you believe it’s been one year since BTS won Artist of the Year at MAMA 2016? We can’t either! The wide array of emotions they were feeling were displayed all over their faces through smiles, tears, and even shock. Dreams do come true, and I think RM captured those sentiments perfectly. Plus, no BTS acceptance speech is complete without an abundance of thanks to their fans, ARMY.

7. Moon Geun Young at SBS Drama Awards (2008)

Moon Geun Young’s shock at receiving this award is overwhelming. We can’t even imagine what thoughts were going through her head. Everyone around her was incredibly supportive and encouraging as she gave her speech full of gratitude and appreciation.

8. TVXQ at MAMA (2009)

The feelings of the members and the fans watching were surely all over the place. From happiness, joy, sadness, confusion, all of these feelings were out on the table. This speech surely is bittersweet and reminds us of a time in K-pop history that cannot be forgotten.

9. “The Return of Superman” kids at the KBS Entertainment Awards (2014)

To end on a light note, look at how adorable these kids are spread out across the stage! We don’t know who are the lucky ones in this clip. Is it the kids because they got to hang out with the EXO members on stage or is it the EXO members who got to play with these adorable kids? Perhaps it’s the dads who are struggling to contain the kids!

Which acceptance speeches are forever ingrained in your brains? Let us know in the comments below!

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