Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon is the group’s power main vocalist, and her vocals have helped define the group’s sound throughout the past 12 and a half years. Taeyeon also absolutely shines onstage, and its because of her incredible talent, and her gorgeous stage outfits! Here are 9 times Taeyeon’s outfits had us absolutely agog with how beautiful they were, and how beautiful she looked in them!

1. Sequined white dress

Taeyeon looks ethereal in this outfit.

gg tae 3 gg tae 1 gg tae 2


2. Checkered shirt, black shorts and fishnet stockings

She looks so chic in this outfit!

gg taee 4 gg taee 5 gg taee 6


3. Black dress with wide black hat

Taeyeon is so incredibly beautiful!

gg taey 1 gg taey 2 gg taey 3

4. Bohemian-inspired outfit

She rocked this look for “Party”, and absolutely slayed!

ggtae1 ggtae3 ggtae 3


5. Red Dress

She’s lighting that “Spark” in us!

gg tae red 2

ggtae red

gg tae red 3


6. “Lady Marmalade” Performance Outfit

Taeyeon does sexy so well!

gg tae lm 2 ggtae lm 1 gg tae lm 3

7. Black crop top and shorts, with sheer cover on

Her beauty is unreal.

gg tae black 1 gg tae black 2 gg tae black 3


8. Pink suit

She’s a total boss in this outfit!

tae pink 2 tae pink tae pink 3


9. Blue dress

Taeyeon’s the prettiest leader!

tae blue 1 tae blue 3 tae blue 2