Recently a young child’s letter addressed to BTS’s V has been making the rounds online.

The letter reads:

“To Taehyung hyung. Hello, my name is Yoon Ji Hoo and I’m nine years old. I’m your fan. I like the other hyungs too, but I like you more. I have no friends. When people stare at me, I can’t talk. When I go to school, I play in the hallways by myself before going into class. Then my mom introduced me to you. I listen to your songs, I watch ‘Run! BTS,’ and I copy your dance moves. I have found a friend and I’m no longer alone. Thank you for being my friend. My arm hurts so I’ll write more later. Goodbye.”

The letter began circulating in an online community around May 11. The letter also includes a drawing of a character that V helped design and the caption, “I hope TATA can smile.”

On May 13, BTS’s V responded via Twitter with his own handwritten letter, which reads:

“Hi Ji Hoo, it’s V hyung. Thanks for liking BTS. It’s cute that you listen to our songs, watch ‘Run! BTS,’ and dance along. I will be your friend from now on so stay healthy, be happy, grow tall, and let’s meet someday. My arm hurts too so I will write more later. Bye.”

He also included the TATA character drawing with the caption, “Today TATA is smiling.”

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