We previously found out that mutation, with the right combinations and luck, can be a thing of beauty. As such, this is what String-Pop trio Odd Eye aims to do: create a hybrid of classical and pop music, and mutate the overly repetitive K-Pop industry into a new form of exciting music.

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Step 4. Recording studio where Odd Eye recorded its debut track

The members are hard at work after contemplating for a long time about taking a chance at a new genre. They built a framework by writing scores that fits their instrumentation, creating melody guides, and adding lyrics. After much practice, they made a demo and would repeat the whole process. And finally! The first recording they hoped for has happened.

oddeye 1

They recorded in the studio Mojo Sound where many big celebrities have come to do their thing. The place might be a little over-the-top (?) for Odd Eye’s first recording, but it’s great to take some of the good ki of many good singers and also work with the skilled and talented engineers. Usually, the recording would focus on singing, but it’s a little different with Odd Eye because the members have to lay the track with their instruments first. Even though the group studied their respective instruments more than voice, but strings is a very sensitive instrument, which needs much precision.

oddeye 2

The members practicing their instruments inside the recording booth.

oddeye 3

Lee Jin Wook (pianist and Odd Eye’s producer) and Soolee (DJ and sound engineer) are fully focused to get the best sounds from the group. Hayule looks so cute fighting off hunger even with the temptation of pizza right in front of her as she focuses on work.

oddeye 4

After finishing up the instrumental recording, the members who went in to record their voices! Hard at work going over their assigned parts. Even though it’s their first recording, because they prepared in advance, the members didn’t look nervous and were able to finish successfully.

Step 5. Odd Eye’s profile photoshoot

Even though it was a little tough, Odd Eye finished the joyful recording session and now it’s time to go through a transformation. Finally, it’s the day when the members take profile pictures. As it’s the first image they’ll be showing the world, along with their music, the members were nervous in anticipation. Even though the profile photo shoot was fun, there was much more to it. It was physically taxing and the members also skipped meals in advance.

oddeye 5

The members are getting their makeup and hair done for the photo shoot. Many staff members are working hard to beautify the Odd Eye members.

oddeye 6

Miki’s red hair is perfect and complete. Because her hairstyle is unique, we decided to give her the nickname “fireworks hair.”

oddeye 7

Eeum, who finished her makeup and hair first, came out for her photo shoot. Her makeup looks charismatic and looks edgy with a pink streak on one side.

oddeye 8

Hayule is monitoring Eeum’s shoot! She’s waiting for her turn while trying to get tips by studying Eeum’s poses. She’s usually cute and innocent, but turns into a female warrior channeling Angelina Jolie’s tomb raider image once the cameras start clicking.

oddeye 9

The members prepared their own poses. They’re not professional models and some poses look a little awkward, but they gave their all to the photo shoot and the staff members gave them a lot of compliments. That’s how Odd Eye finished its first profile shoot.


Step 6. “Too Busy Imitating” MV Set

After finishing recording and getting profile shots, Odd Eye started filming the music video for its debut track “Too Busy Imitating.” The actual debut day still seems a bit far away, but the girls do their best completing all the tasks required before the big day.

oddeye 10

The members strongly wanted the music video for “Too Busy Imitating” to go in a different direction than previous music videos and for it to better match the song’s unique direction. After holding many brainstorming sessions and production meetings, the whole team was able to decide on the appropriate style for the music video that can help set it apart from other music videos.

oddeye 11

Because they only used a high speed camera for the filming, the members had to sing and dance 2.5 times as fast. However, they wanted to try something different from other groups so this is the price to pay.. right?

oddeye 12

This looks really different from what’s portrayed on screen, right? Odd Eye’s first music video came out in black and white, but the actual set is different. The filming finished successfully after taking a whole day.


Step 7. “Too Busy Imitating” performance video

Step 8. After waiting such a long time to debut, the members write: “A Letter to Myself”


Hi Eeum.

Odd Eye’s first album, that doesn’t look like it will be released, is actually coming out~ Super congrats ^^

You, who have always did classical music, decided to do mainstream music and suffered a lot learning different kind of music and choreography. You’ve also had to put up with your parents disapproval. Thanks for being so firm~~!!

Even so, there are times when your stubbornness is brag worthy and satisfying~

As you live and learn as a team, don’t forget the days of laughter and tears. Like in the beginning, continue to be firm and tackle your work with vigor. Work hard like you’ve wanted and do your best~!^^

I’m so proud of my Odd Eye!!


Hi Hayule. You’re doing well, right?

It’s already been three years since you’ve dreamt big and charged toward this field.

It was a bit tough, but you became that much mature. Right?

Thank goodness that you’re optimistic!

Whatever it is, it will get resolved by how you think and how you feel.

I’ll look forward to your growth and maturity through tackling many new opportunities in the coming future.

You never let me down. That’s why have strength and have more strength. ^^

I look forward to Odd Eye’s future with the other members.


Miki ya, hi. I’m Miki!

The album that seems like it wouldn’t come out is finally being released and you will strong promoting~

At first, a lot of things were unfamiliar and didn’t want to do certain things and went into a slump, but I’m so proud of you for coming this far! Thankfully the people around us give such a hot reaction to our music and I feel soo good. So proud~

Even though it’s often tough, I think that if we make good music, the public will one day like it too. I pray that we’ll work hard in promoting as well as perform with our instruments and holding performances in general. There are people near you who love you so lets gather strength! Love you, Miki ya~

Odd Eye fighting!

Step 9. Senior singers sends a few encouraging words to rookie group Odd Eye!

A few celebrity seniors give encouraging messages to Odd Eye including Baek Ah Yeon, Bumkey, Miss $’s Oh Yumi and more!