Can you imagine Kara with a different member? I’m not talking about Kim Sung Hee, one of the original members of Kara. It’s been recently revealed that Kang Min Hee, a member of trio Mis $, is an ex-trainee of DSP Entertainment.

On October 4, a picture of Miss $ member Kang Min Hee and Kara’s Goo Hara is spreading around various online community sites.

As a recent addition to group Miss $, Kang Min Hee previously won 1st place at a special audition in 2008 where 10 entertainment agencies co-sponsored the event. She immediately became a part of DSP Entertainment and spent her trainee period with Goo Hara, making many speculate whether she was supposed to be a part of Kara.

She used the stage name “Y” when she released a single in 2009 and featured in Miss $’s 1st regular album “S-Class.” She became a part of Brand New Music (the entertainment company housing Miss $) and afterwards became an official member of the group.

In other news, Miss $ has made a comeback after 1 year with their new single “Try to Smoke Less.”

Soompiers, it’s interesting to hear behind-stories and rumors of celebrities who were supposed to be part of X group, but ended up in Y group or went solo or changed directions and debuted as an actress. Who else can you think of with a similar situation?