Errors in dramas are nothing new. Considering that almost all dramas are shot as they are aired, it’s only a matter of time before they make silly mistakes. Scroll through the gallery to see what sorts of funny errors we were able to spot in recent dramas!

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Unfortunately, Kim Hee Sun made an embarrassing spelling mistake in “Faith” on Hangeul Day. Sure, it probably wasn’t Kim Hee Sun who wrote the words, but still. King Sejong the Great, the one who created the Korean alphabet, must be rolling in his grave. Can you spot what she spelled wrong? 

A common mistake in dramaland, although I find it strange just how often this mistake comes up. How can so many actors not realize they’re holding the phone upside down? Is it really that hard to tell apart the mouthpiece with the earpiece Kang Maru? You’re incredibly smart – one of the brightest interns during his med school days. You’re trilingual – remember the time he fluently spoke Japanese and English, sweeping Eun Ki off her feet? You’re a genius – someone who can flip through a corporate P&L statement and balance sheets and find a solution, which took Eun Ki days to figure out, in only a couple hours. How is it that you can’t tell apart the ear with the mouthpiece on a cell phone? 

A knife in his back won’t stop this fighter from dying. Relax Arang, you don’t have to look so scared. You’re in company of someone like you, someone who can’t die. Looks like the Great Jade Emperor created another human being who cheats death. However, I don’t know what’s scarier…the knife in his hand or his back…you decide!

Like mirrors, computers are one of the harder props for moviemakers to work with because…well, because they don’t lie. In one of the episodes of “Ghost,” So Ji Sub was looking through files in a USB that had been left untouched since it was created in 2011. However, as the camera panned across So Ji Sub’s computer, netizens were able to spot the date the files were last modified, which stated July 24, 2012 -just one day before the episode aired. LOL. I’m sorry Ki Young, but even if you do bring these files to court, there’s no way you’ll win and clear Woohyun’s name because the crew obviously tampered with the evidence.

One of the most noticeable – and annoying – errors I’ve ever seen in a drama. I was able to catch this one during its live broadcast and was amazed that the editors and producers didn’t see it during their monitorings. These sorts of mistakes aren’t even funny like the ones in the previous slides. How did the editors not catch this when they were looking through the footage and editing the video?!

During a well choreographed fight scene between Mok Dan and Chae Hong Jo, netizens were able to notice the latter’s face morph. To make the scene appear as realistic as possible, the production team decided to use a stunt double to complete the difficult fight scene. Unfortunately, the camera captured the stunt’s face during the sequence. For a split second, I thought Chae Hong Jo’s true nature and appearance surfaced. teehee.

While we’re all very aware that “Arang and the Magistrate” is a supernatural drama involving ghosts, grim reapers, and heavenly (and hell) gods,  one eery scene spooked a lot of viewers. During the pilot episode, the camera panned across the woods to mark the beginning of a beautiful morning. However, several people spotted a young man brooding in the corner. Unlike the ghosts in “Arang and the Magistrate,” who are rather comical looking with their washed-out grey costumes and makeup, this “ghost” actually gave me (and probably a lot others) the goosebumps. 

SEE MORE: A Look Inside Some of the Funniest Flaws in Kdramas Part 1 (ft. scenes from “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” “The King 2hearts,” “Boys over Flowers” and more!)