A Pink celebrated their 100th day after debuting and set up a surprise event. A Pink debuted through Mnet’s “M Countdown” on April 21st, 2011 and today’s date of July 29th is the 100th day. A Pink gave a thank you to fans.

On A Pink’s official café, facebook, Wagle they released a thank you video clip that had the history of A Pink after debuting. Also, they baked cookies for fans.

On the video that was created A Pink told fans, “You cannot cheat on us!” and showed a cute side.

Fans have also congratulated A Pink with messages and gifts. Fans would write “A Pink the 100th day” and advertise the event giving celebratory messages to A Pink.

A Pink had several hits other than the debut single, “I Don’t Know” and “It Girl.” They have gained the nickname “Fairy Dolls.”


A Pink’s 100th day


Source: Star News