Jung Eun Ji from A Pink recently shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes story about the kiss scene she shared with actor Seo In Gook for tvN drama “Answer Me 1997.”

As a guest on the SBS variety talk show, “Strong Heart,”  Eun ji shared with the audience the call she had received from her father soon after the episode containing her kiss scene was aired.

She recalled, “Oh he was furious, asking me what had gotten into me for pulling such nonsense on a stairway without his permission. I tried to calm him down by telling him that what he had watched was a kiss between a female character named Sung Si Won and her love interest, while I was his daughter Jung Eun Ji. He retorted back, ‘I get it, but isn’t that still your face on the screen?’”

On the show there was also a clip of A Pink’s agency representative Choi Jin Ho, who also provided commentary on Eun Ji’s kiss scene, “Eun Ji seemed to know exactly what she was doing. We cast her at 18 and  she’s 20 now so I wonder where in that time during or before her training she gained that type of experience. I’d be curious to know. Regardless, whether this was a side of Eun Ji that she decided to show to the public for the sake of her acting or for A Pink- I will always be supportive of everything she does.”