Recently on an online community forum, several pictures of A Pink‘s Eunji surfaced with the title, “A Pink Eunji’s Yearbook Photos.” The revealed post include pictures of Eunji from when she was very young until right before her debut.

From a picture of baby Eunji pinching her own cheek to somewhat stoic looking elementary school graduation photo to high school yearbook photo wearing thick-rimmed glasses, Eunji’s pre-debut self sports many different looks. Without heavy makeup and flashy onstage outfits, Eunji looks like just a typical young, cute school girl.

Netizens commented on Eunji’s past photos, “She’s a female version of Sung Si Kyung,” “She looks exactly like Sung Si Kyung in middle school,” “She looks like Girls Day‘s Min Ah a little bit,” “Loooooove the girl,” “I’m having a hard time getting used to seeing her in a school uniform,” and “Oh my god, she is just so adorable!”