It has been discovered that A Pink has impersonators on one of the most popular social networking sites, Facebook. A Cube Entertainment, A Pink’s agency stated that there are fake accounts of the members circulating on the website.

In a statement released, a representative from A Cube Entertainment said “The seven members of A Pink have found that there are fake Facebook accounts in their names.” The representative added, “The members of A Pink do not have Facebook accounts. One of the fans seem to be invading the lives of the A Pink members by opening the fake accounts.”

A Cube Entertainment has tried to get the accounts removed from Facebook. The official stated, “We have requested for the accounts to be deleted but there is no answer. The company’s official website that is used by the members has notified the fan community of the accounts, and we hope there is no more damage to the members or the fans.”

A Pink recently released the track “Please Just Let Us Love” for the drama “Protect the Boss.” They also recently appeared as guest performers at the Seoul United Cube Concert and are presently working on their second mini album. 

Source: Star News