Pandas! A Pink will be inaugurating a new tier to their fanclub, a special “Tier 1” level that promises additional benefits for members.

A Pink will be holding an inauguration ceremony for Panda Tier 1 on July 31. Panda Tier 1 is a new tier that was somewhat recently introduced to the official A Pink fan club over at Daum (December 2012 actually). Fans pay around USD$13 to upgrade their fan club membership from a regular member to a Tier 1 member. They also get a bunch of other benefits like an official physical membership card, some accessories like post cards and bracelets, some Tier 1 only newsletters and photos, Tier 1 only events, preferential treatment for audience tickets related to A Pink, invitation to a Tier 1 fan event, and they are being promised more benefits in the future.

daum_net_20121225_211946-The Official Panda Tier 1 Notice

CAM00735-The Items In Question, Source: Naver Blog

Hope A Pink and their Tier 1 fans have fun at the inauguration ceremony! Hopefully they get enough subscribers and subsequently money to make a new season of A Pink News because I desperately want to see that show revived again.