A Pink is confirmed to make a summer comeback. It is highly likely that their comeback will take place in July.

Multiple industry insiders claim that A Pink is currently in the final stages of finishing their comeback album. If they make a comeback in July, it will have been eight months since their last song “LUV” which was released in November 2014. Since the group is currently promoting in Japan, the exact date for their comeback is still being decided upon. However, industry insiders shared that the group will most likely comeback in July.

The members are currently receiving a lot of love in Japan and have gone up to second place on Oricon’s charts. Also, they had a solo concert in Shanghai on May 30 showing their international popularity.

This summer will be full of multiple girl group comebacks. SISTAR has confirmed a comeback in late June while Girls’ Generation is planning a comeback in June or July. AOA will be making a comeback in June and Girl’s Day is scheduled to return on July 6.

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