A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji, the heroine of the wildly successful drama, “Answer Me 1997,” has recently revealed her most recent photo shoot,

Jung Eun Ji was featured in Woman Chosun magazine for the November issue and showed off a variety of charms from cute to innocent to elegant and sexy. Jung Eun Ji sported a diverse range of outfits such as a lovely knit sweater, a full sha skirt, a rabbit ear beanie, a spangled dress and a black sleeveless dress.

Jung Eun Ji shared, “My personality is very much like a guy. I hate lacy clothes and the color pink the most,” describing how far she was from having a feminine style. She admitted that the first time she bought a skirt with her own money was last year. She said that the year before she debuted, she wore long pants for the whole year. While being a part of A Pink, Jung Eun Ji said that her eyes were opened to the girly and feminine styles and that was when she started to know the fun of dressing up.

Jung Eun Ji shared her story behind how she fixed her Busan accent for her upcoming musical role, her times spent in the Seoul city, her own methods of overcoming loneliness, the affectionate story between her and her mother and more. Jung Eun Ji commented that she wants to experience the touching moment of a curtain call as quickly as possible, showing her energy and excitement for her musical challenge.