On the JTBC “Off to School” episode that aired on July 21, A Pink’s Jung Eunji joined the  Ulsan Hyundai Chungwoon High School team  and reminisced about her school years.

During an interview with the production staff, Eunji is delighted to see her school uniform and when the staff asks her what kind of student she was back in the days, she answers, “I was an active girl who was very fond of her teacher. I was also head of the physical education department for eight years.”

When she saw Kangnam, they joyfully greet each other and Kangnam laughs and shyly says, “It’s A Pink!” During this episode, Kangnam also pays a visit to Kim Jung Hoon’s house. 

apink on off to school

What do you think of Jung Eunji’s past athleticism and leadership during her school years?

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