Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza expressed his joy over being picked as Son Na Eun‘s ideal type!

On July 16, both Choiza and Son Na Eun were on the hot search keyword chart on various portal sites. This is because the A Pink member proclaimed that Choiza was her ideal type on a particular radio show on the previous day.

While Choiza’s name was going up on the hot search keyword charts, he was also in a radio show that is hosted by Primary called “After Club.”

During the radio show, Choiza read outloud the news articles on Son Na Eun’s proclamation to Gaeko and Primary. Afterwards, he said, “I’m happier than being #1 on a music program.” To this, Gaeko responded, “I’m worried for you for all the anti-fans you’re gonna get.”

Previously, Son Na Eun appeared on Kim Shin Young‘s radio show. DJ Kim Shin Young asked, “Is there a male artist that caught your eye recently?” To that, Son Na Eun answered, “I like Choiza from Dynamic Duo.”

Kim Shin Young has always picked Choiza as her ideal type in the past and she commented, “I have become love rivals with Son Na Eun. But I have lost from the start,” which made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, Son Na Eun is receiving a lot of love for being the virtual wife of SHINee‘s Taemin on “We Got Married.” Many are curious to see if Taemin will respond to Son Na Eun’s recent revelation!

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