On February of next year, KBS 2TV‘s “Happy Sunday – 1 Night, 2 Days” will replace its members to increase its popularity among viewers.

Until now,  “Happy Sunday” relied on the popularity of “1 Night, 2 Days” to secure its place as one of the top shows on Sundays. Unfortunately, Kang Ho Dong and the rest of the current members will be replaced which may leave the show at a vulnerable spot. KBS 2TV is hoping to surpass the reality show stations of MBC and SBS in terms of popularity by coming up with a new format for the show.

Currently, MBC is broadcasting, “Dream House” which will be replaced by, “Im Jae Bum’s Music Travel” in order to retain the popularity of Im Jae Bum who became more popular through the show, “I am a Singer.” SBS on the other hand, is broadcasting a survival show related to dieting called, “Victory.”

The real battle, however, is not with “Im Jae Bum’s Music travel” and “Victory” but with the shows that will
eventually replace these shows. MBC and SBS are currently busy planning out new reality shows that will be
airing when the new “1 Night, 2 Days” becomes broadcasted. A person in charge of the reality shows in one of the broadcasting stations stated, “The real competition will begin a month ahead – to be exact, on January when the current members of ‘1 Night, 2 Days’ are all replaced. These broadcasting stations are trying their best to hire talented producers.”

KBS is also trying its best to retain the popularity of “1 Night, 2 Days” by airing the second season of
the show. During this process, however, many are questioning if season two should continue right after the conclusion of season one and whether or not this new format really will improve the general quality of the show.