There is a picture floating around the web creating a lot of buzz and it’s none other than “Kim Jong Gook” filming for SBS Running Man in Seattle.

It is one of the latest pictures shown through an online community forum titled “Running Man in Seattle.”

The revealed picture was taken in Seattle, Washington and it looks like a behind the scenes shot of SBS popular variety show, Running Man. The man wearing the green t-shirt with the name “Kim Jong Gook” on the back appears to not be Kim Jong Gook himself, but a man of similar frame.

There were a lot of hot responses to the picture. Netizens made comments like “I thought Running Man was going to debut in the United States,” “It really looked like Running Man was in Seattle,” “Thought Running Man was filming in Seattle.”

Running Man is currently shown 6:10pm on Sundays and is part of the “I Love Sundays” lineup.